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How the Search the Burbs Process Works

What IS Search the Burbs

SEARCH the BURBS is a unique concept in real estate. It was founded on a “community first” approach to finding the perfect suburb for your family. We offer a completely unbiased approach to real estate by listening to your needs as a family as it relates to education, transportation, and overall personality of the community. We feel that this is a process that helps you navigate an insurmountable amount of information and uncertainties and helps you focus on your family’s unique set of priorities. We help you ask the right questions of your team of experts to discover the nuances in a town that make it feel like your hometown.

We are a full service company committed to helping you realize your goals in your search and support you on every level.

With SEARCH the BURBS, there is no risk, no obligation and best of all our services are FREE!

How do you get started

The first step to working with us is filling out the inquiry form on our Get Started page. This inquiry form gives us the opportunity to better understand your wants and needs when finding your hometown. It’ll ask you questions like, what is your ideal commute? What towns are you already interested in looking into? (And if you don’t know that’s ok!)

From there, your information is forwarded to one of our community specialists, who will reach out to set up a kick-off call to discuss your inquiry form and answer any questions you may have.

Working with your Community Specialist

Our community specialists know a little about a lot of different areas. They’ll listen to your wants & needs and ask you more specific questions compared to the inquiry form. They’ll ask questions like do you want a downtown? Do you need to be near an airport? Basically, questions that may not have crossed your mind before. This is one of our fortes and one of the reasons why our clients appreciate our service so much - we’re going to help you pinpoint the exact towns that are a match to you and your family by revealing must-haves you didn’t even know you had.

Once the Community Specialist feels they have everything they need, they’ll reach out to hyperlocal realtors. We work with hyperlocal realtors because we want you to have all of your burning questions answered by the experts. They’ll bring you around town so you can see the downtown, the train station, the schools and the homes live and in-person.

But our relationship with our clients doesn’t end there! After you’ve gone on your town tours we’ll touch base with you and pivot if necessary. We’re totally unbiased as to where you end up - all we care about is that you and your family are happy!

What you Should Know Before Starting

One of our Community Specialists, Lexi, shared with us a few tips for new clients. First, make sure you are really ready to move. If you find yourself hesitant or unsure if you really want to leave the city, this may not be the time to work with us. That being said, we have many clients that begin their search 1-2 years in advance of leaving. So if you know in your heart that you’ll want suburban living in years to come, starting your search now can work well!

Lexi’s second piece of advice was to create charts for your search. Think of all of your non-negotiables and name your columns after each one. Then, label each row a different town. Color code each box so it’s easy to identify which town is really a step above the rest.

Lastly, Lexi wants everyone to keep this in mind before they start their search - it’s easier to move homes and then towns. No one wants to take their kids out of school, leave all their friends and get out of their groove with their favorite supermarkets, gyms and commute times. By shopping for a town before you shop for the home, you’ll have an easier time growing out of your first-time homebuyer house in a town you love and simply moving down the street or across town, versus picking up and finding a new town entirely.

In Conclusion…

If you’re ready to get started, fill out the inquiry form now! We’re so excited to help you in your search and be your coach throughout the whole process. If you’d like to learn more about the burbs, we update our blog weekly with educational posts about what the burbs has to offer. There’s also our newsletter which sends out a monthly activities update, which is a great way to explore the suburbs for yourself while also having fun.

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