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Plan Your Best BBQ Yet!

Summer is coming to a close, and Labor Day weekend is right around the corner! If you are planning to host a barbeque, you are definitely not alone. It has been so nice to gather in homes again and celebrate holidays with family and friends. But something that remains stressful is the planning and preparation before any big gathering -- especially when you are doing everything yourself! We wanted to make the prep as easy as possible for you and your family, so we put together a list of tips to help you plan your best BBQ yet. Share the final memories of summer within our community using the hashtag #SEARCHtheBurbs -- happy grilling!

Make sure you have everything you need.

At a barbecue, there tends to be the moment where someone asks for another plastic cup -- and you realize that you’ve run out. Or the moment where you realize that you forgot to pick up enough plastic serving utensils for everything you’re serving. Grill tools, paper products, condiments, set up and safety essentials...there are a lot of categories to keep track of! But making sure you’re over prepared beforehand will save you the awkward mid-party trip to the store. And will keep you on top of things if your party ends up being a little bigger than anticipated. Plus, you can always save the extra cutlery for your next party.

Set up garbage/recycling stations in advance.

The most dreaded part of any party is the cleanup afterwards. Stay one step ahead of it all by streamlining the process with clearly delineated areas for garbage, recycling, and even composting if you’re ambitious. Guests tend to appreciate when you make it easy for them to help you. And when you’re setting your stations up, make sure that extra bags are at the ready; barbecues tend to be a bit messy, and you’ll thank yourself later for giving yourself more time to actually enjoy your party.

Pick a few fun recipes that are outside of your standard hamburgers and hotdogs -- make sure to accommodate everyone!

Hamburgers and hot dogs are essential for every barbecue, but also let your next barbecue be the chance to branch out. Sometimes, it is necessary to make accommodations if you know that someone in your party has dietary restrictions, but you might also discover some alternatives and new recipes that are your new essentials!

Some recipes we recommend are:

Provide games -- and ask guests to bring their favorites!

If you don't have a pool, you can still have a good time. Cornhole, horseshoes, Giant Jenga -- there are so many fun games to choose from! Make sure you have activities for people of all ages at your party. And this is a perfect moment to collaborate with your guests, while also outsourcing some of the barbecue needs. This ensures that everyone has a guaranteed activity that they love, and can introduce you (and all of your partygoers) to even more fun activities!

Don’t be afraid to ask people for what you need.

You know that there’s always the moment where someone you invite asks, “Can I bring anything?” And we’ve been taught to politely decline and say that we have it all under control. But life happens, and planning any type of gathering is a lot of work. Don’t be afraid to accept help from friends. They are usually more than willing to oblige. Events like these often feel sweeter when you know that everyone has contributed some small part to the day. Plus, it’s a chance for you to steal everyone’s go-to’s for your next backyard barbecue!

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