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A Day At Sandy Hook

Photo by Instagrammer frankieqfilm.

There are so many fun places to visit in New Jersey over the summer, and making a decision on where to go can be a lot of work. With all of that work on the front end, planning out your day is probably the last thing you’d want to do. So let us do both things for you!

One of our favorite spots on the Jersey Shore is Sandy Hook; it is a premier destination with a variety of fun activities for the whole family. We decided to lay out an optimal schedule for a jam-packed weekend day trip. We hope you have a good time following our guide, and if you post any part of your journey on socials, use the hashtag #SEARCHtheBurbs to let us know (link to IG)!

10 AM: Arrive at Sandy Hook via car -- or the Sea Streak Ferry if you’re coming from NYC! Sandy Hook is a super convenient shore spot if you are commuting in from the city -- you can see the NYC skyline from its shores.

The Sea Streak Ferry is a nice ride along the shoreline, whether you need to use it or not, so we would recommend a ferry ride regardless.

For schedules and tickets, visit their website here.

Photo by Instagrammer ryangraney.

10:30 AM: Rent a bike and ride the bike path to get yourself to North Beach, the northernmost bathing beach on Sandy Hook. Set yourself up early to beat the heat! There are lifeguards at North Beach from 10 AM to 6 PM all season.

For more specific information about North Beach, click here.

12 PM: Lunch at one of the area’s many food trucks, located in parking lots across the area. A favorite of ours is a Hawaiian food truck, Ohana Isle. Or if you have picky eaters, bring a picnic.

Photo by Instagrammer birding.zen.nj

1:30 PM: Head back to the beach, try Gunnison Beach a little farther south, or ride towards the borders to find different types of birds! Birding is one of Sandy Hook’s most popular activities, and there are over 325 species that migrate throughout the summer.

See some different types of birds to look out for here.

Photo by Instagrammer allycatts.

3:30 PM: Ride down to Fort Hancock, the historic area that provided coastal defense of New York Harbor from 1895-1974. Walk through Fort Hancock’s yellow brick buildings and stand on the Sandy Hook Proving Ground where they tested new military weapons. There are two gun batteries you can visit and tour with a park ranger, Battery Potter and Battery Gunnison on the weekends until 4:30 PM.

For more historical information about Fort Hancock and Sandy Hook Proving Ground, click here.=

Photo by Instagrammer meg.saluga

5 PM: In that area, make sure to view the famous Sandy Hook Lighthouse. The lighthouse and visitors center are currently not open inside, but the 250 year old lighthouse (the oldest continuously operated lighthouse in all of the United States) is still great for a photo op.

For more historical information about the Sandy Hook Lighthouse, click here.

Photo by Instagrammer barneypoolephotography.

6 PM: Take a seat and enjoy some great food at a restaurant like the famous Bahrs Landing. After a long day of being outdoors. It will be a nice and welcome luxury!

8 PM: Pack up and go home -- or if you drove in and packed supplies, take the opportunity to camp out at one of the 20 campgrounds at Horseshoe Cove! The campgrounds are open now through October.

To reserve a campsite, visit their website here.

Let us know what you think about our itinerary, and happy day tripping!

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