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Top 3 Commutes from New Jersey

Photo by Instagrammer christine.rollings.

Now that the world is opening up, the commuter traffic between New Jersey and New York City is coming back in droves. Commuting is an activity that can be highly stressful, highly expensive, and highly time consuming. Knowing your options is an essential step to finding the right location for your family if you love your job in NYC but don’t necessarily want to live there. We wanted to take the time to look at our favorite options for commuting into the city, and guide you in the right direction for your everyday needs.

Train from Summit

If you are looking for the best NJ Transit spot to live off of, look no further than Summit, NJ! While most NJ Transit stations only have one line that services them, the Summit train station accommodates both the Morris and Essex train lines.Twice the train lines means twice the arrivals and departures. No more hour-long waits until your next travel window of opportunity. Your commute into the city would take anywhere between 60 and 75 minutes, and you are also living in an area that is not quite the hustle and bustle of the more metropolitan areas of New Jersey. In terms of having it all, we think that Summit is a great option for you and your family!

For schedules and fares, you can go to the NJ Transit website here!

Ferry from Hoboken

Photo by Instagrammer ashleeguo.

Do you want to feel like you’re as close to a circle line cruise as possible when you’re heading out for the work day? Then the ferry from Hoboken is definitely the option for you! The rates for the NY Waterway Ferry are under $10 for a one way, no matter which location you’re leaving from. They also have more scheduled departures than your standard train station into the city. There are two ports of departure in Hoboken (14th Street and the Hoboken NJ Transit Station) and you can be dropped off at two downtown locations (Wall Street or Brookfield Place in Battery Park City) or in midtown off of W. 39th Street.

For schedules and fares, you can go to the NY Waterway website here!

PATH Train from Jersey City

Photo by Instagrammer glenhartrick.

When it comes to price and convenience, the PATH Train truly cannot be beat. It is a five minute trip at $2.75, and the trains run essentially 24/7. While the PATH train is similar in style to the subway, they are much better maintained and are more reliable than your standard NYC subway. From Jersey City, there are three PATH train stations: Journal Square, Grove Street, and Exchange Place. Both Journal Square and Grove Street are stations that service both PATH NYC train lines (the downtown train line ending at World Trade Center, and the midtown train line that ends at 33rd Street), while the Exchange Place stop goes exclusively downtown.

For schedules and fares, you can go to the PATH Train section of Port Authority’s website here!

These are our suggestions, but we’d love to keep the conversation going! If you have any commuting pro-tips, or want to make a case for why your commute might stand up to (or even beat) one of our top three, feel free to let us know with the hashtag #SEARCHtheBurbs !

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