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Summer Learning

Photo by Instagrammer haileyryry.

Just because summer is here, doesn’t mean that the learning should ever end! New Jersey has so many venues to learn outside of the classroom. Local schools and summer camps alike have never had a lack of locations to visit for interactive exhibits (and air conditioning). Though some of them are temporarily closed due to COVID, we went through and found our favorites that are currently open and safe for all ages. Let us know about your adventures on social with the hashtag #SEARCHtheBurbs!

Liberty Science Center

This quintessential learning center has been here since 1993, and has sought to inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers since its inception. Starting with the center’s signature Hoberman Sphere, there are numerous hands-on exhibits to explore, and the famous planetarium. Notable exhibits include SUE: the t.Rex experience, a hands-on replica of a tyrannosaurus rex skeleton; the Dino Dig Adventure, an immersive paleontological dig where you can dig up the fossils of seven different dinosaur species; and the Hot Wheels Race to Win exhibit, where you get a behind the scenes look at the process for designing high speed cars; you can even race some models on different types of tracks to test your knowledge of cause and effect (open through September 6th). The planetarium is currently home to different shows such as Planets Tonight, a live show where you learn how to spot planets in the current sky, and One World One Sky: Big BIrd’s Adventure, which is an astrological adventure for a younger crowd. With consistently updated exhibits, you will always feel like Liberty Science Center has something new to offer you and your family, Tickets are available online, and they strongly recommend buying them that way, since capacity is now limited, and they would not want to turn you away at the door.

For more information, you can visit their website here!

Photo by Instagrammer evadadiva_1.

Imagine That!!!

This New Jersey children’s museum in Florham Park is an amazing place that has specialized in interactive exhibits for pre-school and young aged children for twenty years. They believe that children learn best through touching, discovering, and playing in a safe and clean environment that exercises their imaginations. It has a notably clean and open floor plan, which is always a welcome sign. Some notable exhibits are the castle and jungle gym area, a puppet theater, and an arts and craft area. There is a whole center area for free play with a pirate ship, baby dolls, a kitchen set up, and trains. For children younger than 1, there is a soft play area to play in and a small gym for younger kids. It’s a great venue for birthday parties, with a whole party room section, and is often a teacher's pick for field trips.

For more information, you can visit their website here!

Children’s Museum of Manhattan

Photo by Instagrammer ohbaby.nitara.

Located in the Upper West Side, the Children’s Museum of Manhattan is an institution that has sought to curate interactive exhibits to spark children’s curiosity and imagination. Otherwise known as five floors of fun! The museum makes updates to its exhibits each month with timely activities and programs; not all exhibits are updated on a monthly basis, so don’t worry if you miss an opportunity to visit within the month. The museum has so many great offerings! There is an art exhibition on the right to vote for women that is programmed through October 28th where they can cast votes and speak at the Oval Office. There is a Dora and Diego themed adventure where kids can help Diego rescue animals in trouble and help Dora set up a fiesta. There’s even a Dynamic H20 Exhibit where kids can learn about New York City’s water system with an interactive water table, complete with waterfalls, spinners, spouts, and shoots. The museum runs on a limited capacity and every guest must buy a timed ticket online before arriving. The sessions are two hours long, so plan accordingly to have a jam-packed, fun day at the door.

For more information, you can visit their website here!

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