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The WHO behind Search the Burbs

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

We are an intimate group of moms who have moved from all over the US. Somehow our paths

all crossed at our Mommy & Me group, we quickly bonded by sharing joy in our babies’

milestones and commiserating over sleepless nights.

What we realized is that we knew NOTHING when we moved to our town and just took a chance. In retrospect it would have been so valuable to get to know the local culture of the town, eateries, vibe, summer flow, school activities, and more. Maybe, just maybe, we would have made a different choice having all the intangible facts.

Raising a family is complicated enough, choosing where to raise our family is another layer that

is often overwhelming. We want the best for them: balance, excitement, academics, commute,

and quality of life. The pandemic halted our individual businesses and we realized we could

impact many more lives with our business model. So here we are six years in the making, a new

facelift to our company and a continuous dedication to service.

We offer a completely free service that takes the pressure out of the equation. Your dedicated

Community Specialist will start with educating you first and will guide you through the process

without bias. You will learn about the town intangibles and never feel pressure to buy a home.

We partner with hand selected local agents who are committed to informing our clients and

helping them make the best decision.

We will collectively educate you to select the most compatible town, then allow the home purchase to follow - if and when the time is right. Real estate websites have made it easy for us to “refresh, refresh, refresh.” “Click to tour now.” It’s easy to buy a house, but next to impossible to change towns once you’re immersed. When making the biggest financial and personal investment of your life, wouldn’t it be nice to have all the facts? To know and feel what it is like to live in a town before you buy that home?

“Raising a family is complicated enough, choosing where to raise our family is another layer that is often overwhelming.”
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