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Get To Know Your Community Specialist

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

At the center of our company, we believe in getting to know the people around you, and we wanted everyone in our community to get to know Lexi Coen, one of our amazing Community Specialists here at Search the Burbs! We asked her to give us her take on what community means to her, her advice on moving in this crazy time, and more -- and she delivered some insights.

Check out our interview with Lexi below, and if anything speaks to you, feel free to share, crediting Lexi and us with the hashtag #SEARCHtheBurbs!

Where did you grow up? How did your neighborhood impact the person you are today?

I grew up in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, which is in the South Jersey, and I have always thought that I was fortunate to do so. My parents came across the last part of a large neighborhood and bought a brand new home. The home was built on one of two blocks of houses that were all built at the same time, and all of the families in those houses had kids around the same age. It was really special and as a younger child it seemed like everyone around you was the same age. It was fun to grow up on a block with some many kids and I have sought a similar experience for my children.

What does the word “community” mean to you?

To me, community is the feeling of connection you have within your neighborhood. In Hoboken, where I currently live, the whole town seems to know on another which is great. You can walk into your favorite coffee shop and almost expect to run into someone you know. Knowing your neighbors is also important to me, whether they’re ten blocks away or right next door. It makes your kids feel safe, and it’s good for them to have the people they recognize and can talk to when you’re not there.

What are the top things you look for in a neighborhood?

Every town is different, and choosing the town that you want to live in is so specific to your individual family’s needs; there’s no “right fit.” I want things to be easy for my family. I want things to be convenient and comfortable, with minimal stress. I would like to live in a place where it’s easy to make friends, for myself and my kids.

Do you have any moving tips specifically for this time?

So many people are getting on a plane and going far away right now, but you should really think about whether that’s what you really want to do. When you make big choices like moving, you need to make sure that the choices make sense to you for the long term. You can’t just react to the moment or what everyone else is doing. Ask yourself (and partner, of course) what your plan is. You should always seek to make decisions for you and your family in the place and time that is right for all of you.

Did you acquire a new quarantine hobby?

I have always worked out consistently, but during COVID, I switched trainers and started to incorporate chin ups and pull ups into my workout. I was always terrible at them, but in the last few months I have been focusing on having fun with the challenge.

What are you most looking forward to this summer?

First and foremost, just sitting on the beach and reading a book. Also, moving! We are leaving our 1300 square foot apartment that housed my husband, myself and my three kids. Though we have not settled on an official new place yet, we have a pretty good idea of what we want, and are excited to start this new leg of our journey as a family.

If you want to work with a Community Specialist like Lexi, you can get the conversation started here!

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