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Fun in the Suburbs: Kidville in Montclair

The suburbs provide so many activities, classes and clubs for your child to learn, grow and socialize. One of our favorite places where children can do all of the above is Kidville! We had the opportunity to sit down with the Kidville Manager Todd Greenwald, who runs the Montclair location with his wife. He filled us in on all things Kidville and talked about how it's a great way for parents to make new friends, too.

What is Kidville?

Kidville is a children's enrichment center, which offers a wide range of 45 minute classes (gym, music, art, dance, science), as well as free play hours in our indoor gym, a preschool program, and birthday parties.

What age is perfect for Kidville?

We have something for everyone ages 6 months to 6 years, though I'd say our sweet spot is 12 months to 3 year olds.

Is it a great way for parents to meet people, too?

Absolutely. Especially now, we have so many families that are new to Montclair, and Kidville is a great 'meeting spot' for them to meet other local families. Playspace (free play time in our gym) provides countless opportunities for adults to chat and find out more about each other - and often set up future playdates in and outside of Kidville.

What sort of activities and classes does Kidville offer?

Gym classes, Art classes, Ballet, Circle Sing Paint & Play, and our most popular class - Rockin' Railroad, which is an interactive music class led by a 4-piece band (singer, guitarist, pianist and drummer).

Does Kidville provide a preschool alternative?

Yes, we have Kidville University, which is a small preschool program with a group for 2's and another one for 3-4 year olds. We have many, many kids who separate from their parents for the very first time here.

How have you seen children grow since coming to Kidville? (and not just vertically!)

The growth and development is amazing to see here. Now more than ever, kids are getting an opportunity to be around each other again in a large, spacious setting, and are learning to socialize more and more. Socialization is a huge benefit of all the classes we provide at Kidville. Learning to play with others, parallel play, taking turns, and more. Teaching 'sharing' is a little more difficult in this current environment (!), but hopefully we will get to the point where kids can safely share things again soon.

What else do you love about Montclair? Would you recommend young families to move there?

We LOVE Montclair - both myself and my wife (co-owners) have lived right here in Montclair for the past 10 years (originally from NYC), and feel like it has everything - easy access to the city, tons of walkable uptown and downtown areas, amazing restaurants and small businesses, great parks and playgrounds and activities for kids, and a warm, compassionate and diverse community.

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