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Best New Jersey Day Camps

Growing up, there was one place where time and space completely stopped. School was out, parents were at work, and you were on an adventure that was always new -- but familiar each and every time you came back. The feeling of summer camp is singular, along with the relationships, skills, and memories that you build there. It’s no wonder that so many parents send their kids to summer camp each year -- but with so many to choose from, it’s hard to navigate which ones are delivering the best quintessential summer experience.

We narrowed it down for you, and put together a list of the top summer camps in New Jersey we would recommend for your kids. If you get any sharable memories from your kids, make sure to tag us when you post them with the hashtag #SEARCHtheBurbs !

Black Bear Lake Day Camp

This day camp’s programming is so distinct, because they entrust each child to curate their own schedule and pick from over 70 activities that they are personally interested in; with that variety, they are also bound to try some new things! The ability to really pursue what your child wants sets Black Bear Lake Day Camp apart from the rest, and provides a camp experience that is based in community and autonomy. They accept kids from ages 3-15, and have activities that span professionally coached sports, and the creative/performing arts. They are located in Millstone Township.

For more information, you can visit their website here.

Harbor Hills Day Camp

With over 50 different activities for 4 distinct age groups, Harbor Hills Day Camp has been providing kids with an environment of trust, growth, and community since 1963. Located in Mendham, this day camp has an amazing, well-maintained area with different fields and courts, pools, and more. As kids grow, they gain more independence with their schedules, and eventually move to taking trips off the campsite. There is a year-long staff in addition to the summer staff that is constantly working to make your child’s summer one to remember; they also bring international staff members each year to infuse the summer with a cultural variety as well.

For more information, you can visit their website here.

New Horizons Day Camp

This day camp is so popular that only the August blocks are available for registration at this time! Located in Florham Park, New Horizons Day Camp is an accredited camp through the American Camp Association, and is home to over 100 unique activities! They have offerings for kids in Pre-K to 9th grade -- and offer a Counselor in Training Program for teenagers to hone their leadership skills and continue the close-knit environment that they grew up in for the next set of campers. Through this accreditation feature, they can ensure that all staff members are well trained, and their camper to staff ratio is 3.5:1. They have fully equipped indoor, outdoor, and aquatic spaces.

For more information, you can visit their website here.

Oak Crest Day Camp

This camp was voted “Best Central Jersey Day Camp” for EIGHT years in a row -- and it shows! Oak Crest Day Camp is located in Somerset and provides specifically curated programming for children ages 3-15 to hone in active and creative skills (notably, learning how to swim and outdoor skills) and foster emotional/social intelligence. The skill sets fostered here are the foundation for their Leadership In Training (LIT) program, where former campers are trained to become counselors and successful adults as they start working careers. The schedules here are more structured, and are designed to get kids out of their comfort zones in a supportive family environment. The scope of camp starts from mini activities for the preschool aged kids, to overnight/days long excursions for the older kids and LIT program participants. Arguably the most traditional experience on our list, but the proof of how successful their program is lies with the people who have named it the best.

For more information, you can visit their website here.

We hope you find the perfect fit for you kids this summer at one of these amazing day camps. Happy trails!

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