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Welcome to the "white picket fence communities" known as The Chathams. Having historic charm, just located under 25 miles west of NYC, this town embodies a seamless commute with suburban tranquility. The downtown has a village vibe with picturesque storefronts, shops and local dining. Chatham offers tree lined streets, an active community and a destination for cuisine and shopping. The Borough is just under 2.5 square miles, home styles predominantly updated 1930’s Colonials. Parks, recreation, and town activities are at an abundance.

The Chathams, is really two separate communities—Chatham Borough and Chatham Township that share the same zip code. The population of Chatham Borough is approximately 9,000 residents while Chatham Township has 10,452 residents. In order to get to know these amazing municipalities.

While the housing stock ranges from pre-Revolutionary farmhouses to 1950's Cape Cods, Chatham is known for its many Victorians on winding roads lined with oaks, maples and dogwoods. Some of the largest and most desirable homes are on Fairmount Avenue, where a four-bedroom Victorian recently sold for $700,000 and a six-bedroom center-hall colonial with a pool went for $1 million two years ago, according to Rosemary A. Pucci, a broker with Burgdorff Realty on Main Street. young professional couples have begun buying rundown Victorians and restoring them. Prices vary with the condition of the houses.

The easy commute to Manhattan combined with the Top Rated Chatham school district remains a key attractions for newcomers to Chatham, commanding a quality of life in the community, home styles, and nature. Many choose the Township to settle to have more outdoor and home space to grow and enjoy. Others choose the Borough for the historic charm of the homes and access to train and Highway 24.  You will take note of the local cuisine, shopping, and parks and recreation. Chatham also has lively town events, including an incredible art festival in September, an event for all ages. You will find yourself at ease in The Chathams.  

Marie’s, A Taste of Asia, River Grille, Scalini Fedeli, Blossom Asian Bistro, Marie’s Italian Specialty, Fairmount Country Store, Fito’s Latin Restaurant, & Thai Passion

Parks and Recreation
Fairmont Country Club, The Noe Pond Club, Colony Pool Club, & Great Swamp Reservation
Commute to NYC:
​Train - Runs from Chatham to New York Penn Station, a ride of around 45 to 60 minutes; trains that change in Newark may take longer. A one-way ticket costs $10.75 for adults; a monthly pass is $310. Trains also run to Hoboken, where some commuters pick up the PATH to Manhattan, but may require a transfer. 

Parking - Train station parking permits, for borough residents only and costing $435 per year. 
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