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Welcome to the vibrant and thriving town of Hoboken. Drenched in history and views of Manhattan that literally take your breath away. Even though Hoboken is city style living, the suburban pace is undeniable. There is an immediate sense of calming when returning home from work or play. Hoboken along with Jersey City are among two New Jersey towns that you do not need “wheels” to live in.

This action packed city suburb welcomes any newcomers with open arms. Take a walk along the Hudson River and you’ll find open space, parks, dog parks, restaurants, bike and jogging paths for all your needs. The streets are always filled with life of all ages which keep this community thriving and action packed. This town is a first stop from Manhattan’s Lincoln and Holland Tunnels. A very walk-able town with over 500 boutique shops, restaurants, and more.

Hoboken is also known as the birthplace of baseball. The first game taking place along Frank Sinatra Drive overlooking the NYC. An all inclusive community founded on diversity with a surplus of outdoor activities such as summer festivals, riverside movie nights, weekend farmer’s market and much more.

The Steven’s family made their mark in this town from developing churches, schools, and communities, the first patented steam boat, and rail line contributions are in Hoboken's list of accomplishments. Home to Steven's Institute of Technology, a college friendly town overlooking the Manhattan skyline also adds a layer of excitement.

The district has one system of public schools, one high school, one middle school, three elementary schools, and one primary school. There are also a variety of Charter School options.
Commute to NYC:
Short under 5 minute path or ferry ride into Lower Manhattan or Midtown. 
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